First NFT Collection Debuts at the Norman Rockwell Museum

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The series will feature a number of never-before-published photographs and artworks from the legendary American painter’s vaults.

In a joint statement on Wednesday, the Norman Rockwell Museum and the Rockwell Family announced the beginning of a multi-part series supported by NFT that will give collectors access to a number of digital and tangible works by the late artist, including a number of never-before-published photos and process artworks from the Norman Rockwell archives.

This series, “Studio Sessions: The Norman Rockwell Collection,” is the Rockwell estate’s first excursion into NFTs. It was created in association with Iconic, a digital platform that helps established art institutions test out cutting-edge technology. A similar group of NFTs were made available on the Ethereum network earlier this year thanks to collaboration between Iconic and the Jackson Pollock Studio.

The NFTs will be available for purchase by credit card or with Ethereum, however pricing points for each item have not yet been disclosed. “Studio Sessions” will be made accessible on November 1 on Iconic’s website. Until then, specifics on which works will make up the collection will be kept under wraps.

The Norman Rockwell Museum’s primary goals of ensuring public access to Rockwell’s works, encouraging the next generation of illustrators, and supporting the Norman Rockwell Family’s management of the artist’s legacy will all benefit from the sale’s proceeds.

American painter Rockwell, who passed away in 1978, was well-known for his depictions of commonplace moments in American culture and life during the twentieth century.

There will be glimpses inside the tens of thousands of preparatory sketches, photo shoots, drawings, and painted color studies that went into each of Rockwell’s paintings in “Studio Sessions”. Each episode of the series will be titled “Session,” and each NFT from the collection will include a corresponding, limited-edition, museum-quality print. Each “Session” will center on a certain, well-known Rockwell picture.

Norton Moffatt, the director of the Rockwell Museum, said in a statement, “We see our entry into the world of digital editions as a new way to carry forward and deepen our crucial cultural work to preserve, present, and champion Norman Rockwell and illustration art.” “This project strengthens our dedication to meaningful and inventive innovation,”


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