The best mining hardware machines for Bitcoin this 2023

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Buying dependable mining hardware and configuring it to work with a cloud-based cryptocurrency mining pool is the best way to mine Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on a big scale.

Even before you purchase Bitcoin mining equipment, you may estimate profitability using online calculators with mining pools or other platforms. Based on their hash rate, power use, operating temperatures, and algorithms that they mine, they are ranked.

The profitability of your miner is affected by the fluctuating hash rate and difficulty of bitcoin mining. The two have been rising and are impacted by the overall number of computers mining cryptocurrency at any particular time.

These figures may be followed online, for example, at, which reports that they were 135.54 EH/s and 18,415,156,832,118, respectively, as of September 8th, 2021. Therefore, to mine BTC profitably, it pays to have a powerful ASIC miner with a high hash rate connected to a mining pool. According on the hash rate you connect or sell to mining pools, they pay. It gets simpler and more profitable to mine when the aforementioned hash rate and difficulty decline. Additionally, mining bitcoin at a high price is more profitable.

Top Bitcoin Mining Hardware Rankings

The list of the most well-known bitcoin miners is as follows:

  1. Antminer S19 Pro (most suitable for industrial mining)

The finest cryptocurrency mining equipment available right now for mining SHA-256 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, is the Antminer S19 Pro ASIC Bitcoin miner. This has the maximum power use, efficiency, and hash rate.

With an electricity cost of $0.1 per kilowatt and a power efficiency of 29.7 J/TH, this cryptocurrency mining equipment makes $12 per day in profit.

This results in a 195 percent annual return rate and a short payback period of 186 days. Between 5 and 95% humidity is where it performs best. You may link the hardware to several mining pools, including Slushpool, Nicehash, Poolin, Antpool, and ViaBTC, just as you can with all other gear for mining cryptocurrencies.


  • A board made using a fifth-generation chip.
  • Has Ethernet connectivity, a 12 V power unit, and four cooling fans.
  • The dimensions are 370mm by 195.5mm x 290mm.

Hashrate: 110 Th/s
Power consumption: 3250 W (±5%)
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C
Weight: 15,500 g
Price: $2,860

2. Antminer T9+ (Best for testing miner settings and operations and for experimenting)

Although Bitmain is not currently selling the product directly, it is still accessible on Amazon and eBay and through a variety of third-party sellers. There are three 16nm chipboards in it. The gadget, which was released in January 2018, is inexpensive since you can purchase it for $430 without a power source. An ATX PSU power supply with at least 10 six-pin PCIe connections is used by the gadget.

Given the 0.136 j/Gh power efficiency, the device looks to have a negative profit ratio of -13%, and the daily return is calculated to be about $0.71. However, NiceHash estimates profitability while using it through their pool to be 0.10 USD per day.


  • Has two cooling fans.
  • Measures 125 x 190 x 320 mm.

Hashrate: 10.5Th/s
Power consumption: 1432 W
Noise level: 76db
Temperature range: 0 – 40 °C
Weight: 4,200g
Price: $430

3. AvalonMiner A1166 Pro (Best for experienced SHA-256 and Bitcoin miners)

You can still mine Acoin, Crown, Bitcoin, Curecoin, and other cryptocurrencies based on the SHA-256 algorithm using the AvalonMiner A1166 Pro mining rig, however it only mines cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV that use the SHA-256 algorithm.

It is a productive tool for mining. You can expect the gadget to cost you $0.01 per kilowatt of power, or $2.77 per day, $83.10 per month, and $1,011.05 per year.

It was created by a business that has previously created top mining equipment, and it is undoubtedly well-liked by individuals who are already mining cryptocurrency. One of the most effective pieces of mining gear available, the gadget has an efficiency of 0.042 j/Gh. The gadget manages an efficiency of 0.052j/Gh at 63Th/s.


  • It has four cooling fans installed.
  • The equipment has to be between 5% and 95% humid to function properly.
  • Its dimensions are 306 x 405 x 442mm.

Hashrate: 81TH/s
Power consumption: 3400 watts
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: -5 – 35 °C.
Weight: 12800g
Price: $1,550

 4. AvalonMiner 1246

Given its high hash rate and January 2021 release date, the AvalonMiner 1246 is unquestionably among the best pieces of gear for mining SHA-256-based currencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

You may anticipate earning between $3.11 per day, $93.20 per month, and $1,118.35 per year using the gadget at a power efficiency of 38J/TH. That is dependent on the cost of power in your mining region and the price of extracted BTC. When searching for guidance that is accommodating, it is one of the greatest pieces of Bitcoin mining equipment.


  • Equipped with two cooling 7-blade fans. The fan’s design avoids dust buildup on the dashboard, eliminating short circuits, and extending the life of the machine.
  • Automatic notification in the event of an issue that slows down the hash rate. This helps with hash rate auto-adjustment as well. This may be used to stop network assaults and close any possible attack gaps.
  • It measures 331 x 195 x 292 mm.
  • Has four cooling fans and an Ethernet wire for connection.

Hashrate: 90Th/s
Power consumption: 3420 watts+/- 10%
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 30 °C
Weight: 12,800 g
Price: $3,890

5. WhatsMiner M30S++ (Best for experienced SHA-256 and Bitcoin miners)

Given its hash rating, the newest hardware from the firm, dubbed the MicroBT Whatsminer M30 S++, is among the quickest for mining cryptocurrencies.

Given the high price of these coins, their high hash rate, and profitability, the device, which mines cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 algorithm, is mostly used to mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV. It was released in October 2020.

Given that it uses a lot of power, it might not be the best choice for beginning miners. It works well for mining in areas with inexpensive electricity since you can make an average daily profit of $7 to $12 there if the cost of the power is $0.01 after power expenditures. Its mining productivity is 0.31 j/Gh.


  • It requires 12V to operate.
  • Ethernet wire is used to connect.
  • It measures 125 x 225 x 425 mm.
  • Contains two cooling fans.

Hashrate: 112TH/s±5%
Power consumption: 3472 watts+/- 10%
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 40 °C
Weight: 12,800 g
Price: $3,999

6. WhatsMiner M32-62T (best for experimenting with and testing miner settings)

The WhatsMiner M32 has a power efficiency of 50 W/Th and is used to mine cryptocurrency using the SHA-256 algorithm. The crypto mining hardware, which became available on 1 April 2021, is quick to set up and flexible enough to fit any size mining farm. In addition to 8 additional coins, the gadget can mine Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV.

When compared to other top performers on our list, this Bitcoin mining gear falls short of expectations because to its poor hash rate and excessive power consumption.

Expect the Bitcoin mining hardware to make about $10.04 per day with a power efficiency of 0.054j/Gh, although this depends on the cost of electricity at your mining location.


  • Comes with two cooling fans.
  • It measures 230 x 350 x 490 mm.
  • Ethernet compatibility.

Hashrate: 62TH/s +/- 5
Power consumption: 3536W±10%
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 35 °C
Weight: 10,500 g
Price: $1,100

7. Bitmain Antminer S5 (Best for beginner miners, experimentation)

When seeking for cryptographic hardware mining equipment that uses the SHA-256 method, many people choose the Antminer S5. Since its introduction in 2014, it has been around for a while but has been surpassed by more recent models.

The gear or equipment used for mining bitcoins has a profit ratio of -85 percent and an annual return percentage of -132 percent, depending on the cost of electricity and the price of the cryptocurrency.

Given the hash rate and efficiency of 0.511j/Gh, it is no longer profitable to mine BTC at this rate, with a daily profit of $0.104. It can only be profitable when both electricity costs and the price of Bitcoin are extremely high. It is ideal solely for testing out hardware, firmware, and software changes due to minimal to no profitability.

Despite having a low power consumption of just 590 W, this device’s throughput of 1.155Th/s isn’t very impressive. In addition, you can purchase bitcoin mining equipment for as little as $190 to $299 for used models and $413 for new ones. It makes it more appropriate than mining plants for beginning miners.


  • Even a commercial vacuum makes less noise than the 120 nm fan.
  • It measures 137 x 155 x 298 mm.
  • includes Ethernet connectivity, 12 V power inputs, and one cooling fan.
  • It only weighs 2,500g thanks to its lightweight plastic construction.

Hashrate: 1.155Th/s
Power consumption: 590 W
Noise level: 65db
Temperature range: 0 – 35 °C
Weight: 2,500 g
Price: $413

8. DragonMint T1 (Best for ASIC mining at low temperatures)

The DragonMint T1, which was introduced in April 2018 and was examined in this list, likely achieves the greatest hash rate at 16 Th/s among the devices. Additionally, assuming that power consumption is taken into account, and that the equipment has a power efficiency of 0.093 j/Gh, anticipate making an average profit of $2.25 every day.

The original purchaser receives a six-month warranty on the cryptocurrency mining equipment. In comparison to the majority of the items on this list, it appears to be relatively inexpensive. The machinery mines cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 algorithm, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV.


  • With dimensions of 125 x 155 x 340mm, it doesn’t take up much room.
  • 3 chipboards.
  • It is more dependable with a maximum 12 V power source.

Hashrate: 16 Th/s
Power consumption: 1480W
Noise level: 76db
Temperature range: 0 – 40 °C
Weight: 6,000g
Price: $1,371

9. Ebang EBIT E11++ (Best for advanced mining of crypto, industrial mining)

Despite having a modest hash rate of 44Th/s, the Ebang Ebit E11++ mines SHA-256 coins like Bitcoin as well. It employs two hashing boards, one of which is protected from harm by two power supplies. You anticipate the equipment to provide an average of $4 in daily returns and $133 in monthly returns at an efficiency of 0.045 j/Gh.

Bitcoin mining is profitable on average $2.22 per day, however this varies depending on the price of the cryptocurrency and the price of power. With the apparatus, you may mine Bitcoin SV (BSV), Terracoin (TRC), and eMbark (DEM).


  • Due to the independent heat sink and utilization of the most recent bonding technology, it has outstanding heat dissipation.
  • The newest 10mn chip technology is used in the board.
  • Includes a fault protection kit that is sold with it and is attached to the breakout boards.
  • The power supply makes use of a 2Lite-on 1100WPSU and an X-adapter model X6B.
  • 2 cooling fans, Ethernet connection, and a power range of 11.8 to 13.0 volts are included.

Hashrate: 44Th/s
Power consumption: 1980W
Noise level: 75db
Temperature range: 5 – 45 °C
Weight: 10,000 g
Price: $2,595

10. PangolinMiner M3X (best for mining cryptocurrency at a low cost)

According to reports, despite being a new miner on the market, the PangolinMiner M3X may provide a ROI of over $901. Even after taking into account the hash rates, the Bitcoin miner gear is still rather reasonable at $1,188 compared to many other items on our list.

You may mine up to or more than 42 coins with this Bitcoin miner hardware, which is designed to mine cryptocurrencies using the SHA-256 algorithm, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin BSV. A 180-day warranty is also provided. It is anticipated that the break-even point would come after 180 days.

It doesn’t seem to be viable cryptocurrency Bitcoin mining gear for mining Bitcoin at a power efficiency of 0.164 J/Gh/s, albeit that depends on pricing and electricity costs. According to estimates, a daily profitability of $0.44 is assumed with a power usage of 2050W and a hash rate of 12.5Th/s.


  • The device uses 28m process node technology, which results in poor power efficiency.
  • You can find how-to tutorials on the website, and setting it up is simple.
  • The dimensions are 335 mm (L) x 125 mm (W) x 155 mm (H).
  • Two fans for cooling.
  • Custom power supply of 2100W.
  • Ethernet compatibility.

Hashrate: 11.5-12.0 TH/s 
Power consumption: 
1900W to 2100W
Noise level: 76db
Temperature range: 
-20 – 75 °C
4,100 g. Power supply weighs 4,000g.

As technology advances, devices with higher hash rates are created for mining gear. The top Bitcoin miner has a hash rate of up to 10 Th/s, great power use, and good power efficiency. Profitability, however, is influenced by power usage, local power costs, and the price of bitcoin.


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