UnionBank’s Game-Changing Move: BSP Approval Paves the Way for Crypto Trading

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In a bold and pioneering move, the Aboitiz-led Union Bank of the Philippines has set the financial sector abuzz with its latest announcement. On Tuesday, the bank revealed that it had secured the highly coveted approval of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) to operate a cryptocurrency or virtual assets platform. This article delves into the significance of this milestone for UnionBank, its customers, and the Philippine banking landscape.

A Remarkable Leap Forward in Finance

UnionBank’s recent triumph represents a momentous stride forward for the financial industry in the Philippines. The issuance of a Certificate of Authority by the BSP to UnionBank, granting it the status of a virtual asset service provider (VASP), positions the bank uniquely. It distinguishes UnionBank as the very first and exclusive universal bank in the Philippines capable of offering virtual asset exchange services.

Expanding Horizons for Virtual Asset Services

Armed with the full VASP license from the BSP, Union Bank is gearing up to extend its suite of services to a wider customer base. Until now, virtual asset exchange services were accessible only to randomly selected app users, thanks to a limited virtual asset license. However, the recent approval has paved the way for UnionBank to gradually introduce this exciting feature, slated for the final quarter of 2023.

UnionBank’s Vision: A Secure and Convenient Crypto Hub

At the heart of this development lies a commitment to providing UnionBank customers with unparalleled convenience and security. Soon, UnionBank’s customers will be able to directly buy and sell Bitcoin (BTC) through the bank’s mobile app. This transformation positions UnionBank as a trusted financial institution, offering a seamless platform for cryptocurrency trading. Customers will now have the capability to manage both their traditional banking needs and digital assets effortlessly within a single, user-friendly mobile platform.

A Leap into the Future of Banking

UnionBank’s President and CEO, Edwin Bautista, expressed his excitement regarding this significant milestone, remarking, “This achievement marks a substantial leap forward for Union Bank as we continue to revolutionize the banking landscape. By securing this license, we are not only opening doors to groundbreaking opportunities but also enhancing our digital capabilities and fundamentally altering the way our customers interact with us.”

In conclusion, UnionBank’s receipt of approval from the BSP to operate as a VASP is a testament to the bank’s unwavering dedication to innovation and customer-centric services. This strategic move not only elevates UnionBank’s standing within the Philippine banking industry but also provides a secure and accessible gateway for customers to venture into the realm of cryptocurrencies. The future of banking is undergoing a remarkable transformation, and UnionBank stands at its forefront.


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