A guide for getting a free airdrop of the Altitude ($ALTD) token

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What token does Altitude Have?

The governance token of Altitude, ALTD, may be farmed to demonstrate liquidity for supported tokens. ALTD token owners can get gALTD, Altitude’s governance token, by locking their tokens. Altitude’s governance protocol allows gALTD holders to vote and submit suggestions.

Altitude will reserve 5% of the whole $ALTD supply for tactical airdrops, in accordance with its tokenomics.

Is there an airdrop of Altitude ($ALTD) tokens?

Prior to the launch of their “Alty’s Adventure” mainnet, Altitude has confirmed that they would conduct an airdrop of the $ALTD token. Alty’s Adventure is a public community event that will begin on April 18, 2023, and terminate when Altitude opens their mainnet. We may infer from their statement that this is their “first” community effort that is available to everyone that there will be other airdrops in the future.

An exclusive community campaign called “The Climb” will be added to the “Alty’s Adventure” campaign.

How to receive the potential airdrop of Altitude ($ALTD) tokens?

To get the Altitude ($ALTD) token airdrop, follow these steps:

Obtain testnet tokens

To pay for gas on the Altitude testnet, you will require testnet tokens. To begin, obtain AVAX tokens on the Avalanche network’s testnet here. Then, obtain BNB Chain testnet tokens here, here, or here. Get testnet tokens on the Metis network here, to sum up.

Get $ALTD testnet tokens

Access the Altitude faucet and request for testnet $ALTD tokens for the Avalanche, Binance (BNB), and Metis networks.

Connect the BNB network with $ALTD

Make sure you are on the Avalanche Fuji Testnet and connect your wallet to the Altitude testnet. Altitude testnet now supports testnet tokens for $ALTD, $ABT, and $USDC. $ALTD should be transferred from other networks to the BNB network.

Link the Metis network with $ALTD

Repeat step 3 above, but this time connect the Metis network with a bridge made of $ALTD from other networks. As well as receiving tokens from the Avalanche network, you may transmit tokens from the BNB and Metis networks.

Bridge to bridge transfer of testnet $ABT and $USDC tokens

Follow steps 3 and 4 again. This time, move the testnet $ABT and $USDC tokens between several networks.

Add liquidity to pools

Visit Altitude’s Pool. Select the number of tokens you want to deposit, then pick a pool from the list. Repeat the process for several other pools. Go to “Your Pools,” choose the pool you want to withdraw liquidity from, and then click “Remove.” Click “Remove Liquidity” after selecting the amount of liquidity you want to withdraw.

Deposit to farms

Go to Altitude’s Farm and deposit your tokens, just like in step 6 above. Withdraw them from the farm afterwards.

Stake $ALTD

Check out Altitude’s Stake page. Click “Stake” after selecting the quantity of $ALTD you want to stake. As a reward for staking, you will get $gALTD. Your $gALTD balance is displayed under the “My Voting power” section. You will eventually be able to vote in governance elections using $gALTD.

Complete quests on Zealy

Visit the Zealy Questboard at Altitude. Follow their social media profiles and provide material for Altitude are just a couple of the social tasks on the Questboard.

What exactly is Altitude?

To ease the limitations of omnichain activity, LayerZero created a cross-chain communication architecture. On LayerZero, Altitude creates a native asset bridge. The goal of Altitude is to provide Web3 users with access to a streamlined transaction procedure and to encourage cross-chain liquidity across blockchains. Altitude with Secured Guaranteed Finality allows DeFi customers to move assets with increased security, low bridging costs, and lightning-fast transactions.


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