Amazon expands its Blockchain tool

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) has taken a significant step into the Web3 infrastructure with the launch of AMB Access and Query services. These tools are designed to assist developers in building blockchain-based Web3 software more easily. With the addition of AMB Access and Query to Amazon Managed Blockchain (AMB), developers can interact seamlessly with public blockchains, enabling the creation of scalable and secure applications.

Streamlining Development with AMB Access and Query

AMB Access offers developers serverless, scalable, and secure access to blockchains, eliminating the need for specialized infrastructure. With this service, developers can instantly call standard remote procedure calls (RPCs) to interact with digital assets and distributed applications across multiple blockchains, starting with Bitcoin. This eliminates the complexities associated with maintaining blockchain servers, ensuring resiliency, and patching server software.

On the other hand, AMB Query provides developers with access to standardized and formatted blockchain data from multiple chains, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum. The data can be consumed quickly, avoiding the need for complex data transformations and expensive storage costs. This service uses application programming interfaces (APIs) and follows a pay-as-you-go pricing model.

Target Use Cases and Amazon’s Growing Interest in Web3

Amazon lists custodial and wallet crypto applications, as well as Web3 consumer engagement campaigns using non-fungible tokens (NFTs), as potential use cases for AMB Access and Query.

This move reflects Amazon’s increasing interest in the Web3 space. The company has been gradually expanding its presence by posting job listings for Web3 staffers and reportedly working on an NFT marketplace.

Benefits for Developers and Beyond

AMB Access and Query aim to solve the complex and time-consuming tasks that developers currently face with blockchain technology. By simplifying access to foundational blockchain infrastructure and data, AWS seeks to foster the development of mainstream applications that leverage decentralized finance (DeFi), NFTs, and cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and stablecoins.

As a result of these offerings, Amazon Managed Blockchain is poised to play a key role in promoting the adoption of blockchain-based solutions across various industries, catering to both enterprises and startups alike.


Amazon Web Services has introduced AMB Access and Query, two services that expand AMB’s capabilities and allow developers to interact seamlessly with public blockchains. AMB Access provides serverless access to blockchain networks, while AMB Query delivers standardized blockchain data. These services aim to simplify the development process for Web3 applications and encourage mainstream adoption of blockchain-based solutions. Amazon’s growing interest in Web3 is evident, and AMB Access and Query are part of the company’s ongoing investment in the blockchain industry.


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