Unlocking Interoperability: The Cosmos MetaMask Snap

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In the ever-evolving landscape of blockchain technology, the launch of MetaMask Snaps has significantly elevated the capabilities of MetaMask wallets. This development has opened up avenues for users to seamlessly navigate various layer-1 blockchains without the hassle of installing multiple extensions or wallet applications.

A Leap Beyond Ethereum

MetaMask, initially rooted in the Ethereum ecosystem, has transcended its boundaries. The introduction of MetaMask Snaps has empowered the wallet to embrace interoperability with other layer-1 blockchains, including heavyweights like Bitcoin, Solana, and Cosmos.

The Magic of Snaps

Christian Montoya, the global product lead for MetaMask Snaps, sheds light on the inner workings of this transformative feature. Instead of relying on external bridges to facilitate token transfers between Ethereum and Cosmos, Snaps takes a revolutionary approach. Montoya explains, “We can derive from a Cosmos address, so rather than going to a bridge that allows you to transfer tokens from Ethereum to Cosmos, you can just do that within MetaMask and the Cosmos Snap that you install into MetaMask.”

This self-custodial approach not only streamlines the cross-chain experience but also has the potential to significantly boost cross-chain traffic by simplifying access to bridges.

The Cosmos MetaMask Snap in Action

Currently, there are 36 open Snaps in Open Beta, and among them, the Cosmos MetaMask Snap stands out. This Snap has been made available during the beta phase, allowing users a firsthand experience of its capabilities.

MetaMask’s Dominance

MetaMask’s popularity is unparalleled in the crypto wallet realm. As of August 1, 2023, a staggering 22.66 million users had MetaMask installed, making it the go-to choice for crypto enthusiasts. In comparison, Coinbase Wallet, the second-largest wallet by installations, lagged behind with only 11 million users, highlighting MetaMask’s dominance in the market.

Why Agoric’s Hardened JavaScript?

Connecting MetaMask with Cosmos presented its own set of challenges, and the development team tackled these hurdles strategically. The choice of Hardened JavaScript, championed by Agoric, emerged as the linchpin for this successful integration.

Dean Tribble, CEO and founder of Agoric, delves into the rationale behind choosing Hardened JavaScript. He explains that Agoric was founded on the idea of hardening JavaScript to ensure secure operation with third-party applications. This approach became pivotal, especially given Agoric’s prior collaborations with MetaMask co-founders on extensibility projects.

Hardened JavaScript: A Security Blanket

Hardened JavaScript, previously known as SES (Secure ECMAScript), is more than just a security measure. Tribble refers to it as the “JavaScript you thought you were programming in.” By locking down the programming language as per specifications, Hardened JavaScript eliminates mutable elements, making it better suited for blockchain applications.

In essence, it’s the hardening of the ability to run third-party components that captivated the MetaMask co-founders. Tribble emphasizes its role in eliminating non-determinism and fortifying JavaScript for the specialized demands of blockchain technology.


The Cosmos MetaMask Snap, fueled by the robustness of Hardened JavaScript, marks a significant step towards a more interconnected blockchain ecosystem. As MetaMask continues to lead the pack in crypto wallets, the integration of Snaps ensures that users can traverse diverse blockchains effortlessly. In the dynamic world of blockchain, this synergy between MetaMask and Cosmos sets the stage for a new era of seamless cross-chain interactions.


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